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The Greatest at Choosing Promotional Products

31st May 2018

By Mo Yusuff

It’s very easy sometimes to mistake arrogance with confidence.

Take a quote from one of my greatest heroes of all time, the greatest himself, Muhammad Ali who said:

“I am the greatest, I said that even before I knew I was.”

What’s really important for us to realise is that he’s talking about a confidence mindset, which is one of the main keys to being successful. He’s talking about the self-belief and determination you must have, to push yourself to the top regardless of what others around you say.

Think about it, no one else is going to tell everyone you’re the greatest…are they? Only you can do this and just like most self-fulfilling prophecies, the way you behave towards that subject usually causes the expectation to be realised.

Once you have that positive mindset there is something else you need to understand.

Most people don’t have the focus or the determination to realise their dreams and ambitions. They like to talk about what they’d like to achieve but they’re not prepared to roll up their sleeves and do what it takes to get there. Now some of these people, and lets call them confidence vultures, will do everything in their power to knock you down, to convince you you’re not as good as you think. They’ll even go so far as to persuade you to stop wasting your time on stuff that’ll get you nowhere.

When you’re confronted with them just think of what Muhammad Ali said and say to yourself, “I am the greatest,” even when others try to tell you otherwise.

And while I’m on the subject, my team and I are The Greatest when it comes to promotional products and finding stuff our competitors didn’t even know existed. So if you’d like to…in the eyes of your competitors…be the greatest at choosing promotional products that are different, useful and reflects the quality you want your company associated with simply hi t return, give me an idea of what you’re looking for and we’ll come up with promotional products that’ll blow you away.

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