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28th June 2018

By Mo Yusuff

When you’re working to deadlines its crucial to keep things moving forward.

It’s all too easy when other people are involved to relax a bit when you’ve done your bit and suddenly things start slipping and before you know it you’re struggling to keep up.

So last Saturday afternoon while I was sitting outside in the sun working on my laptop, I decided to check my inbox and as I scrolled down I saw this:

“Hi Mo,

I know it’s the weekend but please can you call me ASAP please.”

It was from my book coach and as I scrolled down my inbox a bit further I saw another email she’d sent me late on Friday. She had a dozen or so questions about some of the stuff in my book that needed answering fast so the editor could continue working on it first thing Monday morning.

Now the thing in my book (see what I did there) that can never wait, is holding someone up who needs help, especially if it makes my life harder because of it. So I called Alexa straight away and assured her I’d have all the questions answered by Sunday morning.

An hour later I’d answered all the questions and everything is now back on track again.

Alexa told me a little while ago she liked working with me because I’m easy. When I asked her why she said something like:

“Because you listen to what I say and do what I ask you to do. You also do what you say you’re going to do.”

The thing is, why wouldn’t anyone take notice of an expert and do as they say? Why would I pay someone to help me and ignore what they have to say?

I actually mention this philosophy in my book.

“So just like most things you do…leave it to the experts.

When your car’s not working what would you rather do? Tinker around with it yourself or get yourself a good mechanic?”

This also applies to promotional products. Why waste precious time looking for promotional products when there are experts out there that can not only save you the time and hassle but also find stuff you’ll probably struggle to find.

And as it happens, my team and I are exactly that; experts at choosing promotional products that’ll wow your customers and keep your name in the front of their minds.

Don’t believe me? Try me. Simply click this link and give me a few details of what you’re after and we’ll show you amazing promotional items you never even knew existed.

Would you like a free copy of my book valued at £15.97?

It’s called Promo Power Supremacy: The quick and easy no-nonsense guide to getting noticed, building relationships and growing your company using promotional products and it shows you how easily you can attract your ideal customers or clients. Grab your copy here.

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