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Keep Hold of Your Existing Customers

16th August 2018

By Mo Yusuff

“Just popped out. Back in a few minutes.”

That was the notice proudly displayed on the door of the bathroom shop last Saturday morning at about 10:00am.

I wanted to buy some cord for my bathroom light pull (it broke and it’s a bit of a pain having to jump up to switch the light on and off) and Saturday was the only chance I had to get it fixed.

So I wandered around the market nearby for 15 minutes or so and then went back and guess what?

The shop was still closed.

I really don’t understand why someone whose business is retail would shut their shop on the busiest day of the week. Not only is he losing business from people who wants his stuff, he’s actively encouraging them to go elsewhere. And we all know where they’ll go and whom they’ll recommend the next time they need bathroom stuff.

Interestingly and I really don’t know why but this seems to be quite common practice. The same thing happened to me two more times on the same day.

I decided to spend a couple of days in Bishop Stortford (it’s close to London and I quite like the idea of swapping my flat in London for a house with a garden in Hertfordshire) with my partner Nikki to chill out a bit and see what the town’s really like.

While we were walking around town we stumbled upon two estate agents on the high street opposite each other. It was about 3:00pm and after looking in the window of one we thought we’d go in and ask a few questions. I pushed the door and it was locked. All the lights were on and from the outside it looked open, but the door was locked and even tapping on the window got no response. Not one to give up easily, I phoned the number displayed outside. No answer.

So we crossed the road to the other estate agent and exactly the same thing happened. They also had decided to have the afternoon off on the busiest day of the week.

We did manage to find another agent who was open and he didn’t seem surprised that two of his competitors were closed. “Shops tend to do that here.” he said.

I counted at least six shops in the main shopping area that were empty and up for rent. More victims of the shut when people want to buy business strategy, I thought to myself.

One of the big lessons I’ve learnt over the years is that if you want to be successful, you need to make it as easy as you can for your customers to buy from you. Put up obstacles and they will walk away.

And that’s one of the reasons I’ve written my book, Promo Power Supremacy. There’s a whole section in Chapter 6 that shows you how easy it is Turning leads into paying customers and Keeping hold of your existing customers. You can grab your copy for less than the price of a night out in Bishop Stortford (and I’ll even include a little gift that’s guaranteed to make you smile).  Claim your copy here.

Talking about being successful, you may also opt to invest in promotional products to get the best ROI for your business. Check our promotional products and don’t hesitate to contact us, my team and I are ready to help you choose the best merchandise for you.

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