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Attracting the Right Audience with Branded Promotional Products

6th February 2018

If you’re considering a new marketing channel to help maximise your sales, profit and reputation, the first thing you need to consider is how you’re going to attract the right audience.

One of the best ways to do this is to use branded promotional products because they offer huge value and versatility.

The versatility of branded merchandise offers a perfect way to reach them. If your target audience do it, there’s a product to help them do it.

For example, are your ideal customers into fitness and health? Give them a branded water bottle. Are they always on the move? Give them a thermos. Do they spend all day in the office? Give them branded notebooks, pens or USB sticks.

Other options include bags, badges, lanyards, chocolates, mints and more. Whatever your prospects do, there’s a product that they’ll love. And if they love it, they’ll remember your name.

Examples of what we offer include:

• For health conscious prospects, there’s this 500ml Jogger bottle.







• For office teams this shortbread biscuit share tin.







• For workers on sites and scaffolds there’s this hi-viz jacket.







It’s also key to think about what you want your potential new customers to do when they receive the gift. Do you want them to visit your website, give you a call, engage with you on social media, or enter a competition perhaps?

Don’t act without thinking carefully about a call to action. If you want more website traffic, feature your website address clearly on the branding. Alternatively, you could feature a hashtag to encourage engagement on social media.

Other uses for promotional items could be to advertise an event, or encourage signups to a newsletter for a free prize. When they sign up, you have earned the right to keep in contact with them by email.

So, think very carefully and clearly about what you want your promotional gift to achieve.

When you’ve done all this, follow it up. Don’t just send the gift and hope for the best, call up and see if your customers liked their gift. This will help you to start building a long-lasting relationship.

Sending promotional gifts provides an opportunity to call prospects. A well thought out gift will ensure more positive conversations.

Branded promotional products are an effective and proven way to attract new customers. Chosen well, the gifts you send will help you build profitable relationships with future customers.

Are you looking for high quality promotional products right now and would like a bit of free, friendly, expert advice? Click this link, add your details, and we’ll get straight back to you.

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