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Avoid Disappointments with Promotional Products Experts

14th April 2016

By Mo Yusuff

Here’s a story I heard a couple of years ago – it made me laugh so much I wasn’t about to keep it to myself – that somehow demonstrate why you should always consult experts before doing something.

For instance, call a promotional products expert when choosing giveaways and gifts to include in your marketing campaigns.

Anyway, the story…

It’s about a cannon called The Chicken Gun.

It’s used to shoot chickens, dead ones of course, at the windscreens of jets to simulate bird strikes (this is when birds get hit by an aircraft).

Bird strikes happen most often during take-off and landing and NASA, when looking at the possibility of landing shuttle flights at domestic airports like LAX in Los Angeles built their Chicken Gun. The idea being, that it would simulate the frequent incidents of collisions with airborne birds, and therefore determine if the windscreens are strong enough to endure high-speed bird strikes.

Now, British engineers heard about these experiments and decided to test their new high speed trains – probably the ones that go through the channel tunnel and so they built their own version with the help of NASA.

So, the experiment was set up, the gun adjusted to the maximum speed of a high speed train, the dead chicken was loaded in and the gun fired.

What happened next pretty much shocked everyone.

The chicken shattered the windscreen, smashed through the control panel, snapped the driver’s backrest in two and embedded itself into the back wall of the cabin.

Horrified and puzzled, the engineers sent NASA the results of the experiment, along with the chemical structure of the glass and construction of the window, and asked the NASA scientists for any suggestions.

The NASA scientists sent back a three word response…

“defrost the chicken.”

The message here is, even if you have all the information you think you need, doing it yourself can sometime give you results you’re not happy with. And this includes choosing promotional products to help grow your business.

Visit our website and look at tons of fantastic promotional products we can offer you. It really is overflowing with great, trailblazing, innovative ideas just to get you started. You can also request for samples so you can test first and any problems (like the ones our engineers had with the chicken) can be ironed out before you make any decisions.

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