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17th December 2015

By Mo Yusuff

It’s amazing just how most suppliers of promotional products (and I mean most) don’t have a clue when it comes down to customer service.

We’re in the middle of putting together a range of Christmas promotional products just to make it easier for our customers to get ideas of gifts to send out.

Most people enjoy receiving promotional sweets or chocolates so we decided to choose some really top quality goodies to add to the website range, so contacted the supplier to get the information we need including high quality images and prices.

This is the flabbergasting reply we got back:

“Hi Russell

Thanks for your email.

We are in the middle of crazy Advent calendar season at present with final print runs, so unfortunately it would not be possible to do this, this week.

However if you could bare with us, with can get some information to you next week.  We also have a nice range of Christmas Lindt products so could include a few options on these too.  Although the last print run for these is the 16th November so quite soon.

I could always send images down and you ask for quotes, if you get anyone coming to you before we can get price information down.

Regarding wine quotes however, this is very much a bespoke range depending on what your client is after.

Kind regards


Did you notice how she didn’t want to go to the effort of giving us what we asked for (that was far too much like hard work) and then went into sale mode trying to tempt us with “a nice range of Christmas Lindt products” Clever that eh?

Now to be fair, it’s not always possible to have prices to hand, and sometimes we have to check before we can quote but c’mon not even a promise of when. And when we pointed out we’re actually trying to sell their promotional products for them and need information from them to do this, she did change her mind and promise, “Okay, leave this with me and I’ll get back to Dianne tomorrow.” She never did.

Anyway, on a more positive note, we finished the Christmas range, minus a few boxes of chocolates and the odd bottle of wine.

Have a look at our range of promotional products on our website from several great suppliers, we assure you that we can provide you anything you need to know about them!





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