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Being Let Down Big Time

16th May 2019

By Mo Yusuff

Sometimes it better to accept an expert’s advice than take the risk of it all going badly wrong.

A good customer of ours enquired about sweets.

Russ did his usual stuff, sent her a range of ideas pretty quick and did the usual follow up stuff.

Now she needed her branded sweets in a hurry and the branded sweets she wanted, we couldn’t deliver in time for her event.

Anyway Russ chased and chased, he figured that maybe we could offer an alternative that could be turned around in time, but didn’t hear back. So he kinda assumed she didn’t go ahead and gave up chasing.

Then she called about products for another event and Russ casually asked her what happened about the sweets.

“That’ll teach me to use someone else.” She replied.

She mentioned it was a time thing so she ordered from someone who promised they could deliver in 5 days.

The day before they were due to be delivered she called, and called, and called and called. Every hour on the hour but couldn’t get through.

Finally at 4pm she managed to speak to someone who simply said they hadn’t been despatched with no explanation and couldn’t suggest any alternatives.  She even spoke to the Boss of the company a few days later and was told her order never actually got produced and couldn’t give a clear reason why.

No apology, no remorse, just a flat, they never actually got produced.

Now I’m not the kind of person that would say bad things about people in our industry unless they deserved it and I think this supplier does deserve a mention.

I’m not saying they’re bad, they have some good reviews on Google (and a couple of really bad ones too) but maybe they’re someone to just be a bit careful with, or simply use a supplier you know you can trust.

Rather than name them, I’ll tell you want they should call themselves… Printed4you – But Not Always On Time.

 Now this almost never happens with us and I’ll tell you why.

As soon as we place an order with a supplier we call them to make sure they have the order, they have the stock and they can deliver on time (or early). We then hound them every step of the way to make sure nothing goes wrong.

I actually mention this in my book Promo Power Supremacy. It also shows you the pitfalls to avoid and I even include a little checklist to make sure you reduced the risk of being let down.

Ever wondered how promotional products could benefit your company by motivating your team, raising awareness and helping you to position yourself far ahead of your competitors? It’s all here.

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