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Brand Building Through Promotional Products

25th October 2018

By Mo Yusuff

Rule #5 Only No-Cost Brand Building.

That’s the fifth rule in Dan Kennedy’s book about Direct Marketing (No B.S. Direct Marketing (second Edition) The Ultimate, No Holds Barred, Kick Butt, Take No Prisoners, Direct Marketing For Non-Direct Marketing Businesses).

He shows three very powerful examples of how focusing on the benefits of a product rather than promoting the brand helped to create multi million pound businesses.

Before I share these with you, though, I’d like to explain why spending money promoting your brand (unless you’re a multi million pound company) is a total waste of money.

If you’re a start up or an SME people don’t care about you, your logo or your brand. All they’re interested in is what you can do for them; what problem you can solve for them and what benefits you can give to them.

Dan even suggests there’s a case for ignoring branding altogether and shares an example of how in the investment information industry, a blind advertising campaign became the all time biggest success.

It dominated print, radio and cable TV in 2011and 2012 driving traffic to an online video and subscribe page at This campaign was so successful it broke all subscriber acquisition records of its company and probably the industry and brought in nearly a million new subscribers.

But throughout the campaign neither the company, it’s brand or the author of the newsletter was disclosed.

Ok, here’s the first example of how focusing on the benefits of a product rather than promoting the brand helped to create a multi million pound business.

The Juiceman

The Juiceman was started in 1989 and grew from zero to $75 million in three and a half years.

Rich Cesari (founder of Cesari Direct, a Marketing Agency based in Seattle)

met Jay Kordich, the inventor and personality of The Juiceman at a small local consumer show selling his product. Most booths at the show had one or two people gathered but this one had 50 or more.

Jay was demonstrating his machine and rather than talking about how it works, he spoke about the health benefits of juicing.

He was living on the road travelling all over the country selling his machines and Rich Cesari felt he could help to make The Juiceman into something much bigger.

Rather than starting with traditional advertising, he made calls to local radio and TV shows to talk about health and juicing and their first big break came when they got a morning spot on a New York station.

He told people, if they would send in an envelope with a dollar, he’d send them recipes.

The station switchboard lit up (this was before the internet so everything happened through the mail).

Six days later the mail truck pulls up and delivers 12,000 envelopes.

They sent out the recipes with a flyer selling the juicers and the rest is history.

Speaking of brand building, don’t forget that my team and I are here to help you with your promotional products.

Let me and my team help you with your promotional products.

Why? You may ask.

Well, with over 30 years experience helping companies choose products that not only gets them noticed for all the right reasons, but actually gives them a good ROI too, we really are experts and choosing promotional products that will benefit you.

If you’re looking for ideas or even something specific for an up and coming activity, simply click this link, leave your details and we’ll be in touch straight away. Or you could simply call up Russell on 020 3221 1993 and he’ll personally help you out.

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