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Is Branded Food and Drink Effective for Marketing Drives?

21st February 2018

There are a whole host of promotional products you can use to market your business. Great gifts such as good quality branded mugs, pens and notebooks are hugely popular and often effective.

However, if you want to make a real impression, it’s often better to do something a little different.

One way to do that is by sending branded food and drink to prospects. Most people love food and so you’re already on a winner! Plus, it’s an unusual approach and that’s the point. They won’t have seen it a hundred times before and are more likely to remember you.

There are lots of different options.


No matter what type of chocolate your prospects like, bars, beans, mini chocolates, Toblerones, you can put your logo on it and get your name out there. How about this tin of Celebrations? A great sharer.


Office workers love our canned coffees, while an early-morning smoothie can be a great way for your prospects to start the day. There’s also bottled water, isotonic drinks and more.

Wrapped sweets

A small snack can make a big impression. Wrapped sweets are perfect for giving away at conferences and seminars, handing out sweets can be an excellent and affordable way to reach a massive audience! There’s also lollies, jelly beans, candy floss, chewing gum and lots more.


These are deal for office teams. Cookies and shortbread can be a great way to encourage team conversation to boost morale when the kettle is on the boil.

People love to share, particularly in offices and team-based workplaces. If your snacks are shared, so too will your name be shared, making you synonymous with good times.

All of these things, chocolate, drinks, wrapped sweets and biscuits, can provide a priceless feel-good factor and it’s doubtful there’s a single prospect who wouldn’t be thankful for a bite of biscuit or some cheeky chocolate.

What’s handy about some of the products, such as mints and biscuits, is that they come in tins. When the tins are empty, they’re likely to be used to store bits and bobs, making them useful. If you remember the 3 Golden Rules of buying promotional products, you’ll know that one of the rules is that the products you choose should be useful.

So, if these tins are kept around and re-used, which they most likely will be, your name will be in front of them for longer, which is the whole point.

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