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Buying Branded Promotional Products with a Large Budget

5th May 2018

If you have a big marketing budget, you might be tempted to throw your money around on many different marketing projects and see what sticks.

Although it’s obviously ideal to have a big budget, your money won’t last forever, so you still need to think intelligently about how to use your it, where to invest it and what’s more likely to work.

One approach that can be very effective is the use of promotional products. Branded giveaways are an excellent way to show generosity, share your name, and encourage prospects to return your kindness by signing up for your service, or buying your products.

You should think of your branded promotional products as an investment rather than a cost, since the ROI you’ll get from incorporating these products into your marketing campaigns will ultimately make money once you’ve got it right.

If used correctly, giveaway campaigns will make you money, and they should make you more money than you spend… because even if you do have a big budget, you still want to make a profit!

The bigger your fish the more you’ll want to spend. If you stand to make a lot of money from a single transaction, it’s worth forking out on a more pricey product to wow your prospect.

To start devising your strategy, you need to think about who your target market is, where they work, where they spend their free time, what they like and what they do. This step is essential because you want to carefully and specifically plan your campaign around your ideal prospect and who they are.

Once you’ve designed the perfect strategy, you should put in as much cash as you can realistically afford. Again, it’s important to focus on the products as an investment rather than a cost.

Since you have a big budget, it’s also important to remember that you can use and choose between three different approaches:

  1. A smaller amount of pricier products
  2. A large amount of less expensive products
  3. Or a combination of both!

Your choice will depend on who your prospects are and what a single transaction is worth to you. Either way, make sure that your chosen method relies on products that exude quality, and are useful, relevant and a bit different.

Some options we offer include these:

We offer lots of products suitable for whoever your target market is. Give us a call on 020 3221 1990 and we’ll help you to devise an effective, affordable and profitable marketing drive based specifically around your target market. After all, we are the best promotional products company in London!

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