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Buying Promotional Products with a Small Budget

21st March 2018

When funds are low in your business it can be tempting to cut corners and try to save costs any way you can.

In many ways, this is a useful approach and can help you prioritise, streamline and think sensibly. If you can save money, you’re in a good position to continue making profits.

That said, there are some areas in which you should avoid cutting corners, and this includes some aspects of advertising.

You might want to make your own flyers or craft your own website, and these approaches can work if you have a design eye.

However, if you’re keen to run a campaign using branded promotional products and you only have a small budget, it’s probably not going to go well.

I don’t want you to waste your money and so I want to make sure you realise that these kinds of campaigns only work when they the products you invest in are of good quality. A cheap looking item will not only fail to achieve your goal, it’ll also make your business look cheap.

Think about the last time you received a cheap plastic pen. What did you think of the company who sent it? Even a promotional giveaway item like a pen should be good quality to ensure you send the right message, so resist the urge to cheap out, and instead get the best one you can afford.

It’s important to see promotional products as an investment rather than an outlay, since the ROI you’ll get from incorporating these products into your marketing drives and campaigns, if you do it correctly, will make you money rather than costing you money.

That said, there are some high-quality products that won’t break the bank. Things like pens, snacks and keyrings don’t cost the earth but they do make an impression.

At a conference or event, for example, you could give away sweets, lollipops or jellybeans. A great option is something like this: – these jellybeans look good and taste good, and their colour can be matched to the shade of the lid, giving the product a classy finish. These are a great mini giveaway at events and expos.

Another choice is this pen: – again, this isn’t too expensive but it demonstrates class and quality, which will impress potential prospects. It writes well, feels good, and is durable, meaning prospects will want to use this pen and you’ll be in prospects minds for a long while. Drop this into offices and you’ll make an impression.

We also offer many other options and can advise on what’ll work best for your business and your budget. It’s always sensible and effective to work with what your target market use and want, so the right product for a builder could be very different to the right product for an accountant.

In summary, it’s important to go for as much as you can afford, rather than as little as you can get away with. Good quality, useful and distinctive products work much better than cheap items. Don’t go cheap. Go quality, useful and different.

Are you looking for high-quality promotional products right now and would like a bit of free, friendly, expert advice? Click this link, add your details and we’ll get straight back to you.

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