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Choose Your Promotional Products Wisely

28th March 2019

By Mo Yusuff

Wanna see a really spooky video?

My friend Kat sent it to me and the funny thing is, it’s not meant to be disturbing or spooky.

In fact it’s a video made by a guy trying to sell you his lead generation services.

He starts off with a little chit chat before his story about how he generated new business from over 3,000 miles away (yippidy-do, I did that in the Philippines which is close to 7,000 miles away).

Anyway, if you want to wet yourself laughing have at look at his one-minute video here.

Thing is, when he says; “Watch out for the next video in the series.” I actually can’t wait to see it.

My point to all this is not just to scare you or make you laugh your socks off, it’s to show how sometimes your marketing efforts can do you more harm than good.

And that also includes the promotional products you choose to draw the people you want to do business with closer to you. Get it wrong and not only will it make no impression, it could also drive them in the opposite direction.

Now here’s the good thing.

My team and I are not only experts when it comes to choosing promotional products that’ll get you noticed by the very people you want to attract, but we can also show you exactly how to use them to get those very people to take the action you want them too.

Want to know a bit more?

Click this link and pop your details and I’ll be in touch to show you how or you may call us right away at 020 3221 1990 to get started.

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