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Choosing the Perfect Promotional Product

31st January 2018

The reality is most promotional products end up discarded and forgotten. Yep, that means wasted money and a damaged reputation.

Chosen well, promotional products can make your business stand out and help your audience remember your brand. They can also demonstrate the qualities you want to be associated with – high standards, innovation, success, etc.

You need the most effective promotional products to convey these qualities to your customers, prospects, or employees.

You don’t want to make the mistakes everyone else makes, right? So, here’s how to choose the perfect promotional product.

Know Your Audience

One of the biggest mistakes you can make is giving an inappropriate promotional gift. The most effective promotional products will be well thought out choices keeping your target audience in mind.

The important thing to remember is you are not buying something for yourself, so choosing the right product may involve selecting something that wouldn’t necessarily be your first choice.

So, who are your audience? What industry are they in? Are they mostly male or female? Is there an average age bracket? What do they like? What are they passionate about? What don’t they like?

All this is familiar, right? It’s the age-old “customer persona” marketing tool and it works just as well when picking promotional products as it does when marketing your business in other ways.

Why Are You Doing This?

Now you know who your audience are and what they’re likely to be interested in, you need to know what you’d like to achieve with the campaign.

Perhaps it’s one of the following:

The promotional gift you choose must match the person you’re giving it to and your reason for giving it.

Remember the Three Golden Rules

As well as knowing who your audience is and your goals for the campaign, there are the three golden rules when choosing promotional products. Your chosen product should be good quality, useful and different. The most effective promotional products follow all three rules. Read the post for more details.

Decide on a Budget

As you’ll have noticed in the 3 Golden Rules above, you should aim to spend as much as you can afford, rather than as little as possible. That said, whatever your budget you don’t have to skimp on quality, usefulness or difference. There’s a product to suit you.

Here are some examples:

It’s Time to Choose

Now it is over to you to choose the most effective promotional product for your purposes.

Remember to start by thinking about your audience and their likes and dislikes. Then consider your goals for the campaign and finally work out your budget (remembering the 3 Golden Rules).

Are you looking for high quality promotional products right now and would like a bit of free, friendly, expert advice? Click this link, add your details, and we’ll get straight back to you.

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