Why Would You Not Thank Your Best
Customers at Christmas Time?

And there’s no better way to thank them than sending a traditional hamper packed full of yummy goodies.

There are a few reasons why our hampers are a great way to
continue building your relationship with your top customers
and why you should invest in them. Here are three.

  • We’ve been supplying our top customers literally thousands of hampers over the years – so we’ve become kinda good at choosing goodies that people actually enjoy. No brandy butter, panettone or stuff people just don’t know what to do with. Our hampers include great wine, popcorn and chocolate chip cookies
  • Bulk buying enables us to enjoy large volume low prices – whether you order one or one hundred, you get the large volume price
  • Your top customers will love you even more – and who do you think they’ll think of the next time they need stuff that you provide?

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