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Christmas Promotional Gifts and Luck

10th November 2016

By Mo Yusuff

Ever heard the phrase, “He’s so lucky, he’s always winning.” or something along those lines?

You could say that about my customer, and friend, Brian.

He won the iPhone 6 prize draw two years ago and became a happy owner of a brand new phone. He doesn’t live far from me so I dropped by his place over the weekend, just so I could see the look on his face when he held his new toy.

Now, the interesting thing about Brian is that, a month before that, he won the Club Row Chronicle quiz and bagged himself £50 to spend in almost any retail shop in the country. And that’s not all…

…he also won a Samsung Galaxy phone (Samsung’s a swear word to me for more reasons than one, which I’ll share with you sometime soon) at a Christmas bash the year before.

The thing is I know Brian’s secret. I know why he’s so lucky and just keeps on winning stuff, and it really is so easy to do.

Before I share this with you, and you may be surprised to hear this, but there is no such thing as luck.

Think about it, how can there be? Is there some sort of Lucky Fairy that goes around sprinkling magic fairy luck dust over people? Or maybe some people were just born lucky? And if that’s the case, who decides who’ll be lucky and who won’t? So you have to agree it’s a pretty silly belief, right?

The secret to Brian’s success is very simple. He’s successful because he spots opportunities and takes action.

It’s the same in our careers and businesses too; the more we do, the more chances we have and the more action we take, the more successful we become.

Now while I’m here, and you’ll probably curl your top lip up at this, it’s just over six weeks to Christmas.

With this in mind, have you decided, yet, what Christmas promotional gifts are you giving your best customers this year? Something decorated with your company logo is a great way to keep your name in front of them.

As it happens, my team and I are more than happy to come up with a few ideas to help you out. So get in touch with us and we’ll get those perfect Christmas promotional gifts for you and your customers!

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