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10th January 2019

By Mo Yusuff

Funny how different parts of the country have different dialects and how they completely lose their meaning outside that area.

I used to visit Yorkshire quite often and they use words such as Ought – I haven’t a clue what that means and even when I looked at examples online I’m none the wiser; You ought to be kinder to him.” We ought not/oughtn’t to have agreed without knowing what it would cost.” “We ought to be getting ready now.”

It reminds me of a story my brother Ray told me years ago.

It was when he had a summer job working in a café in Great Yarmouth. In those days, some 40 odd years ago, English seaside towns were where everyone went for their summer holidays. Package holidays didn’t really exist and travelling abroad was for the super rich.

In certain manufacturing parts of the country, factories would shut down for two weeks to allow everyone to have their summer holiday. I remember there was Leicester fortnight and Derbyshire fortnight. And Great Yarmouth was the place where everyone went.

One year during Derbyshire fortnight an elderly couple walked into the café and the woman spoke to my brother’s friend serving behind the counter. “Can I have a cheese cob m’duck.”

Not realising that cob means roll and m’duck means something similar to my friend, he became confused and replied, “Sorry we don’t have any duck.”

Oh well, it did seem funny at the time.

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