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Competitor Watch

31st January 2019

By Mo Yusuff

Why some people are so obsessed with what their competitors are up to amazes me.

They do really weird things like pretend to be a potential customer just so they can compare prices. Then they drop their prices to match (or worse still, they go lower) because they feel they’ll lose business if they don’t.

They scrutinise their competitor’s websites and copy them because they think,  “If that’s what they’re doing, it must be right.”

They see online adverts from their competitors on social media sites and guess what? “If that’s what they’re doing, it must be right.”

If they have an idea and discover their competitors have already thought of it, they think it must be a great idea. And likewise, if their idea hasn’t been tried before, they’ll have second thoughts; “If nobody else is doing it, it can’t be right.”

Now think about this.

If someone’s obsessed with what their competition is up to and copies them, you can bet your bottom dollar their competitors are watching them just as closely and doing exactly the same. And what you end up with is companies that have no originality and they all look the same…dull and boring.

On the other hand, if they cared more about looking after their customers and doing things different, they wouldn’t actually have any competitors to worry about.

And that’s exactly the same attitude you should have about your marketing and the kind of promotional products you invest in.

Choose differently and the perception of you and your company will reflect that. Promotional products aren’t just pens, mugs and cotton shoppers. If you want to stand out from your competitors you need to be different to your competitors and sending out the same old dull promotional products as everyone else can not only make you undistinguishable from your competitors, it could do your company’s name more harm than good (who wants to be associated with grey and uninspiring?)

And now the good news…

My team and I are experts when it comes to promotional products. We eat, drink and breath promotional products day in, day out. We know where to get hold of the latest, must have promotional items; stuff that will not only blow you away but more importantly, will blow your customers away.

Let me and my team help your company to be the talking point in your customers and prospects workplaces. Simply click this link and pop your details or you can call us at 020 3221 1990 and we’ll get back to you shortly.


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