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Creating Brand Awareness with Promotional Products

13th February 2018

Branded promotional products are a fantastic way to create and maintain brand awareness.

We’ve already considered how to choose the right products to attract the right clients in a previous post, so in this post, we consider how to choose the right branded promotional products according to what you want those prospects to do.

It’s essential to think about the aim of your promotional drive.

What do you want your prospects to do before choosing your promotional product?

If, for example, you want potential customers to visit your website, you’ll want to choose products which can clearly and vividly show off the name of your site.

For this, you want something simple and striking. A great example is this notebook. 

By giving this notebook to prospects, you’re offering them an essential everyday tool which they’ll use frequently… and if your website is displayed on the front, they’re likely to visit your page because they’ll regularly be looking at the name of your site. This notebook could be a great giveaway at a conference or seminar and can be easily distributed amongst lots of people.

Other promotional items could be used to encourage prospects to enter a competition or contribute to a social media campaign.

This magnifying info card is a great example.

This card could magnify information on a visitor guide, map or tourist information leaflet. You could then encourage users to take pictures of interesting things they’ve magnified and then post their images on social media. This will give a huge boost to your social media presence and make your company seem fun. You could simply and cheaply send this in the post to some of your potential prospects.

This LightSounds speaker is another great option for something a bit different.

This product is slightly pricier, but it would make a great gift to help seal the deal!

Many brand awareness drives don’t work, but that’s because companies don’t fully consider the best way to use branded promotional products. We stock lots of options, including bags, badges, pencils, pens, food, drink, lanyards, power packs and more.

We also know how and when to use these products properly in order to drive up sales and improve your reputation.

Get in touch and we’ll work with you to decide upon the best products for whatever you want to achieve.
Regardless of your business goals, there’ll be a product to help you with it… and we know just what that product is!

Drop us a line or give us a call.

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