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Customer Engagement Works Wonders

20th June 2019

By Mo Yusuff

It’s very easy sometimes to try something and all too quickly, write it off as a failure because results haven’t materialised straight away.

Take exhibitions for example.

Most people who exhibit at trade shows expect results within a short period of time, usually weeks or months. Fact is people only buy when they are ready, not when you want them to.

We’ve exhibited at a few shows over the past couple of years and although we didn’t generate enough business to cover the cost of any of them something really interesting has happened over the past few weeks.

Suddenly after almost a year people are coming back to us, and they’re actually placing orders.

And do you know why?

Because we’ve kept in touch with every single person who showed an interest. We emailed them practically everyday, we scheduled calls with them at the time they were ready and we never gave up.

I’m sure this all sounds obvious but the thing is, hardly anyone does it. They give up too easily, they stop chasing and move onto something else, that also doesn’t give them immediate results.

Thing is there isn’t just one thing that’ll give us a flood of new customers or clients. There isn’t that silver bullet that cuts through all the hard work and delivers outstanding results.

It’s all down to hard work, persistence and having as many streams to engagement as possible.

And that includes direct mail.

So how about sending a little something to your top customers and prospective customers to keep your name in front of them so when they are ready to buy, it’s you they’ll remember rather than one of your competitors.

Something useful that they’ll treasure, great quality that they’ll appreciate and different, so they’ll remember you.

And if you need a helping hand to find a promotional product that ticks all the boxes and encourages the people you want to do business with you to do business with you, simply give us a quick call at 020 3221 1990 or pop your details here and we’ll get on the case straight away.

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