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Delegate to Free Your Time

24th January 2019

By Mo Yusuff

It was one of those gruesome scenes that gets your heart racing. You want to turn away, your brain is telling you to stop looking but no matter how hard you try, you can’t.

I was about 10 at the time and the spectacle I saw has remained with me ever since.

My little brother and I were in our bedroom looking out of the window that overlooked our back yard.

At one end of the yard there was a chicken hutch. Our Dad would buy live chickens from Acle, a small farming village a few miles from our home in Great Yarmouth, and every week he’d choose a couple for dinner.

Now my Dad wasn’t squeamish in the least and I remember the scene so well.

First he entered the hutch and after a minute or so of wild squawking, wings flapping and feathers flying, he grabbed his prey. He pulled it out of the hutch closing the door behind. Holding the poor chicken down on the ground he very swiftly chopped its head off.

Now you’d expect the chicken to just slowly drift away…but no.

It ran around the yard in circles, blood spurting high into the air. This seemed to last for at least a minute during which time our Dad entered the hutch to repeat the process.

Now this got me thinking.

We all run around like headless chickens sometimes.

We have so many things to do we’re running around in lots of different directions at once. And the end result is we never get the stuff finished that we really need to.

Here’s a trick.


Giving stuff to someone else to do will not only free up your time, it’ll clear a lot of that clutter in your head. And if you can give a job to someone who can do it better than you, then why wouldn’t you anyway?

Take promotional products for example. My team and I, without beating our own drum, can probably find items that would be perfect for your next promotion or event. We can find stuff that you didn’t even know existed…and in half the time it would take you.

Wanna save yourself some of your precious time so you can focus in other stuff? Wanna range of products that’ll blow your competitors out of the water and bring your customers and prospects closer to you?

All you need to do is click this link and pop your details, give me a brief idea of what your looking and my team and I will be on it faster than a headless chicken running in circles.

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