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11th October 2018

By Mo Yusuff 

New technology and having stuff delivered at the click of a button can have its downside.

A friend of mine had an unbelievable experience when she ordered a pizza online. Lorraine knows how passionate I am about great service and also how I loathe people who simply don’t care and give extraordinarily dreadful service.

Here’s what she said:

Hi Mo,

I thought you might like this story for one of your emails.

“We just ordered a pizza from the place we’ve been ordering from for the last 11 years. It turned up cold so I called them.

The manager said ‘what do you want me to do? I can’t do anything except give you a cold drink next time you place an order’.

I said ‘we’ve been ordering from you for the last 10 years and this is the first time you’ve sent us a cold pizza’.

He said ‘all I can do is give you a cold drink next time and I can see you’ve been ordering from us for a long time but that’s it!’

I said ‘if all you can do is give me a cold drink to go with my cold pizza I’ll go somewhere else from now on’. He said ‘I’ll give you a cold drink’.

I said ‘fine I’ll go somewhere else next time’.

Finally, he said ‘do you have the whole pizza still?’ I said ‘yes!’

He said reluctantly ‘I can deliver another one in 40 minutes but you must give me the whole pizza back’

I said ‘you can have the whole cold pizza back no problem’.

What an idiot, we would have been happy with a £10 refund and heating up the one we had, particularly if he had even apologised in the first place!

Such old-fashioned, you must be lying, customer service!

Have a great weekend.

Lorraine xxx

Here’s the thing.

Lorraine’s been ordering from this guy for 11 years. If she placed a £10 order every couple of weeks, that makes £2,860. We can assume if Lorraine’s had a cold pizza and complained, she’s probably not the only one, and there’s likely to be a lot more people who just don’t complaint and never go back.

The lesson here is that if someone complains; go out of your way to turn things around, it’s the perfect opportunity to turn your customer into a raving fan and keep them coming back forever.

In this case, an apology sending over another pizza and promising another one free next time would have cost him less than £20 and made him thousands.

Anyway talking about great service, my team and I really go out of our way to give you, not just promotional products that you ask for, but promotional products that you didn’t even know exist.

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