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Delivering Promotional Products

29th June 2017

By Mo Yusuff

In the industry of promotional products, this question is very common: What do you mean you didn’t get my order?

Ever heard that before?

A few years ago, we used to hear that too often and it’s still happening today. But, not to us and I’ll explain why in a bit.

Since emailing became an alternative to actually talking to someone, it’s become very easy to do business without having to speak to someone as much. Trouble is, sometimes emails don’t arrive. It could be a server problem which causes it to bounce. Someone’s inbox being full can stop emails being delivered. Or, it could just simply get missed.

So you think you’ve placed an order when in actual fact you haven’t and sometimes, especially when you have a deadline, you realise when it’s too late.

This along with another reason for orders going wrong was a problem we identified a few years ago. It was pretty much text book 80/20 (the 80/20 rule basically means that a high percentage of the results we achieve come from a small percentage of what we do. In this case 80%, or thereabouts, of orders not going to plan was caused by just 20% of the things that can go wrong. Which happen to be just two).

How did we fix it?

Simple, we call every one of our printers, manufacturers or suppliers after we’ve emailed them an order and ask, “Have you received our order and is there anything about it you don’t understand?”

The other issue we fixed just as easily was orders being sent to the wrong address. Sometimes, a customer forgets to confirm the address they would like their order to go to, so rather than assuming it goes to them, we ask just to make sure.

There’s lots of other stuff we do behind the scenes to make sure things run like clockwork. If we do have the odd hiccup, which happens from time to time, we quietly deal with it and in most cases, fix it with the customer being totally unaware.

So, an easy way to fix problems in your life can be as simple as to just list them, identify the reasons why they’re happening, and just make a couple of simple changes to the way you do them.

Anyway, if you’re having problems finding promotional products that work best for you why not let my team and I do it for you?

Maybe you’re exhibiting at an exhibition or launching a new product. Or maybe you feel your range of promotional products is starting to look a bit out of date and you want to add a bit of oomph.

Whatever the reason, allow my team and I to breathe new life into your promotional products so you can delight your customers and get then to remember you when they need your products and services.

So, get in touch now and let us show you stuff that will wow you and your customers. I’d like to add a bit of oomph to my promotional products.

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