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Different Suppliers of Promotional Products

28th January 2016

By Mo Yusuff

Suppliers of promotional products are different.

What I mean by that is, not all suppliers of promotional products are the same.

Some are great, they know how vital it is to give an exceptional service, how making it easy for their customers is crucial and how just by caring about the needs of people they supply can be the difference between staying in business and ending belly up on the scrapheap of failure.

Others, and that applies to most suppliers, are pretty mediocre, run-of-the-mill, unexceptional.

There are also some who are outrageously awful (we blacklist these suppliers and will always turn business away rather than disappoint our customers and suffer the pain and hassle of dealing with them).

We had one supplier of who was on the mediocre to outrageously awful borderline.

It happened back in June 2014 when they were asked to send a sample pen direct to one of our customers.

They did but the trouble was they didn’t send the correct pen, in fact it was so different we couldn’t work out how this could have happened…that was until I received a call back.

Turned out they didn’t have that particular pen in their sample room. “Don’t worry though, I have a couple of barrels I can send out today,” I was told.

So one of our biggest customers wanted to see a sample of the pen she wants to order and although our supplier has tens of thousands in stock, she wanted to send out a couple of half pens. No clip, no top, no refill, just a couple of barrels.

When I asked why they couldn’t send out a complete pen just like the one my customer is expecting, she mentioned because they’re in a different building. And presumably her little arms didn’t quite reach that far.

Believe it or not, this story actually gets worse.

After finally persuading the poor overworked sample girl to go to the other building, get a proper pen and send it to my customer, my customer received the pen and placed the order.

We were then told by the, bordering on outrageously awful, supplier the price they gave us was wrong and they needed to charge us more money. Any kind of objection fell on deaf ears, so we reluctantly agreed and our customer is none the wiser.

On a positive note, most of our suppliers are great and caring and fun to work with and, as time goes by, we’re able to filter out the dross and share success with those who care. So feel free to look at our fantastic range of promotional products and rest assured that they are from trusted sources.

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