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Organic Tote Bags

Earth Positive Organic Tote Bags

1st February 2020

By Mo Yusuff

These are not just any organic cotton tote bags, these are the Earth Positive organic tote bags.

Combining one of the best selling promotional products with the fast growing demand for all things eco, makes the Earth Positive organic tote bag a sure fire winner.

These organic cotton tote bags are part of the retail quality range of Earth Positive clothing and all Earth Positive 100% Organic Products are produced exclusively from organic Indian cotton. The entire production process is controlled and certified in accordance with the latest version of GOTS and all products are labelled as Organic.

The reason the Earth Positive organic tote shopper stands out from the crowd is because it’s a premium weight, twill weave cotton bag, with quality stitching detail.

It’s produced in a range of seven vibrant colours and is designed to meet the demand for a bag as a ‘fashion accessory with a conscience’ in a marketplace where most similar products are produced in cheap quality raw fabrics of unknown origin.

Earth Positive Organic Tote Bags

3 reasons why you should consider the Earth Positive organic cotton shopper tote for your next event or promotion;

  1. 90% Reduced Carbon Footprint – Earth Positive is made in manufacturing facilities powered by green renewable energy and from low-impact raw materials.
  2. Tote bags or cotton shoppers are an essential part of any promotional merchandise range – there are very good reasons why tote bags are one of the biggest selling promotional products. They have a huge decoration area so you can really get creative in the way you get your message across, and they are a walking advert that’s seen by thousands, to name just two.
  3. Quality – unlike many cotton totes that can look a bit light in weight and a bit on the cheap side, the Earth Positive organic cotton tote bag is made from high quality organic cotton with superior stitching detail making it the perfect choice for companies that are fashion conscious, eco aware and proud of their brand

 Available in 9 stunning colour options and printed and delivered in less than two weeks makes the Earth Positive organic cotton tote bag the best tote option available.

There is a growing demand for ethically and environmentally credible bags, as more and more retailers, brands, corporate and promotional users are no longer content with using cheap cotton carriers as an alternative to plastic bags.

The rising levels of awareness mean the users of such products demand the same high values of the bags as they do of their cotton clothing.

Corporate and retail brands wish to communicate their ethical messages using an equally ethical communication medium.

The EarthPositive® Organic Shopper Tote (code EP70) is a plain weave, fine gauge canvas bag in undyed natural cotton, in the standard shopper tote dimensions (38x42cm) with long shoulder straps. The smooth fabric provides an ideal surface for screen-printing. This is the ultimate ‘sustainable’ shopper bag.

90% Reduced Carbon Footprint 

EarthPositive® is made in manufacturing facilities powered by green renewable energy, from low-impact raw materials. The carbon footprint of EarthPositive® products has been reduced by some 90% and the calculations were certified under the PAS2050 standard by the Carbon Trust in the UK between 2007-2009.

The Tote bag dimensions are 380mm wide x 420mm deep.  Maximum print size on your tote bags is 285mm x 300mm.

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