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19th January 2017

By Mo Yusuff

Challenge Mo tasks can be quite tricky and sometimes takes hours and hours of hard work to find the perfect promotional products for somebody.

Sometimes, they can be completed pretty quickly just like the challenge from Andrea Encinas – Arts Director at British Gospel Arts, an organisation dedicated to teaching and promoting music.

Here’s the email Andrea sent one Thursday morning three years ago:

“Hi Mo,

Finally, I hope I can challenge you.  I run a choir of people of varied sizes (obviously) but a few are size18 to 24 and finding T-shirts that are larger and longer a V-neck is always a problem.  Can you help???

I attach the logo that needs to go on white T-shirts (long sleeve if possible).  I need them by 3 July latest.  If you can help, please let me know.  The order will be 100.  I will give you size break down when you get back to me.



The same morning, Andrea had an email back with details and prices for white long sleeve V-neck t shirts in both ladies and unisex sizes to fit up to a size 24. The samples were sent the very next day.

Andrea’s reply: “Brilliant Mo!  You have come through the challenge.” Then, the final email: “You are a star!!!!!”

So, what are you struggling with right now? Have you had one of those light bulb moments but don’t know where to go for those ideal promotional products? Or maybe you have an idea that needs a bit of work developing?

Simply get in touch with us and let us have a quick description of the promotional products you’re looking for. We will be on it within minutes!

The harder to find or stranger the idea, the more I like it so come on, give me something I can really get my teeth into.

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