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The Fortune Wallet with Money Clip, is not only useful and something your customer will enjoy using every day, it also reflects superb quality and will keep your company name in front of them every time they use it.

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And that's not all:

  • Superior quality – unlike inferior PU (Synthetic Leather) versions, this wallet is made with ethically sourced eco grained leather that makes it hard wearing and stylish with a classic appearance
  • Useful and memorable – it’ something that’ll be used everyday so your company name will stay in your customer’s minds for all the right reasons
  • Spread the love – Your customers will really appreciate you for sending them a little something in the post and are more likely to remember you, rather than your competitors the next time they need your products or services

We only have 50 samples embossed to give away, so if you’d like to see a great promotional product that ticks all the boxes you need to move fast.

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