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What Giveaways Work for Middle of the Funnel Campaigns?

5th April 2018

The middle of the sales funnel is a very important time for attracting new clients. During this period, you work out which prospects are worth pursuing and which aren’t.

If you are able to grab attention at this pivotal time in the middle of the funnel, you’re in a great position to convert prospects into clients. To bridge the gap between initial intrigue and a big sale, it’s important to be intelligent and innovative.

It’s important to remember that your leads at the top of the funnel are already intrigued because they expressed an interest in the first place, right? So, if you play things right, you should be able to convert these leads into clients. If you can set yourself apart from your competitors at this stage, the bottom of the funnel, where you make your conversions, should be a lot easier.

So, now is the time to separate your company from your competitors and sell yourself effectively to these prospects. At this time, it’s also important to remember that these prospects will still be comparing you to your competition, so you have to make a big impression.

In order to make this impression and make lasting connections, you need more than a compelling pitch.

A great way to encourage conversions and generate lasting connections is through giveaways. By offering a branded promotional product, you are showing generosity and a thoughtful and bespoke approach, which will separate you from your competitors. Prospects who’ve been offered a gift are more likely to invest in your products or services.

Here are some products that should work well.

These products are great because they are inexpensive but still demonstrate quality. They’re also very practical and usable, meaning that prospects will utilise them and remember you. What’s also great about them is their versatility, i.e. they’re appropriate gifts for most people.

We also offer many other effective and affordable products, whoever your prospects are. So, whether you’re trying to lure tradesmen, office workers, solicitors, recruitment consultants or any other industry sector, we’re likely to have the product you need.

Are you looking for high-quality promotional products right now and would like a bit of free, friendly, expert advice? Click this link, add your details, and we’ll get straight back to you.

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