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Growing Promotional Hi-Tech Products

14th July 2016

By Mo Yusuff

I’ve been watching films on Amazon Prime for a while now (ever since my two tellies gave up and went to telly heaven) and it’s great that I can watch films for free or next to nothing in the comfort of my own home.

Having said that it’ll never beat going to the pictures (that’s what we’d call the cinema when I was a boy. I remember we’d go to Saturday morning pictures every week.  Sixpence to get in and Thrupence to spend on sweets; and that was in old money).

I always get this feeling of excitement every time I go, and I must go quite a lot because every time I go to the kiosk the guy behind the counter says to me, “small salted popcorn and a bottle of water?

And then after you’ve sat down the big screen lights up and the loud music and noises begin. Love it.

Thing is though, if you’re like me, when you’re out and about these days you tend to carry one or two mobile devices with you. Phone, kindle, camera maybe an iPad mini even. And the trouble is these devices are prone to running out of power when you really don’t want that to happen.

So when the staff started nabbing them as soon as they arrived, it was obviously a winner.

I’m talking about a great kind of promotional hi-tech products which will save you so much hassle, you’ll never leave home without it. It’s called the Powerlink Multi-Cable and it helps to charge all your mobile devices while you’re on the go.

Promotional Hi-Tech Products Powerlink Multicable

Imagine ordering a cab from your phone and the battery dies before they confirm the drivers name and registration number. You are well and truly stuck.

That’s why a lot of people these days carry with them a power bank (basically a battery charger). Trouble is, if you have more than one device with you; say a camera and your phone, you may need two different leads to be able to charge them up.

The reason the Powerlink Multi-Cable saves you so much hassle is because you won’t have to carry long leads around with you to charge your devices up anymore. It can charge up more than one device at a time and you can still use them while they’re being charged. You can also use your Powerlink Multi-Cable to charge your devices from your laptop or car USB port too.

The Powerlink Multi-Cable is one of the fastest growing promotional hi-tech products around and definitely worth considering investing in. However, if you think the Promotional Multi-Cable is not the right one for you, there are still a lot of promotional hi-tech products to choose from.

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