I promise you the best promotional items and service or I’ll replace your order free of charge!

The reason I can offer such an amazing, risk free (for you) guarantee is because my team and I are totally committed to giving you the best possible service and promotional items you could ever wish for.

It’s so simple, no hair splitting, no ifs and buts, if you’re not totally and utterly delighted, for any reason whatsoever I will replace your order free of charge.

Here’s what my guarantee means for you

  • Risk free to you – If when you receive your promotional items they’re not what you expected or you’re not happy with the quality just call and we’ll replace them as soon as we physically can
  • Total satisfaction – You can sleep at night knowing that whatever happens, you will get exactly what you’re happy with
  • Stress free – You’ll avoid those, arguing about who’s to blame, squabbles with your supplier at a time when you really don’t need it
  • Saving your precious time – You won’t need to rush around trying to find someone else to fix the problem

Here’s why I have such a great guarantee

Having been in the business of promotional items and clothing for over 30 years, I’ve probably experienced every conceivable situation and problem that can happen…

…typos that result in you getting the wrong size polo shirts, spelling mistakes meaning your promotional t-shirt slogan doesn’t make sense even a misunderstanding can end up with your promotional clothing ending up in your office rather than at the event.

So my guarantee is there to protect you from all the things that can go wrong, not because I’m a great guy but because I want you to be totally and utterly satisfied with the service and promotional products that my team and I help you with.

And the reason I want you to be happy is because the big thing for me is building long term relationships and if my team and I deliver on our promises to you, which we almost always do, we’ll make your life easier and you’ll hopefully come back again and again.

Here’s my guarantee in full

We are proud of our service and the quality of our products, so if you are not completely and utterly delighted, for any reason whatsoever, we will replace your order free of charge

To Your Success