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How to Attract Your Dream Clients

18th July 2019

By Mo Yusuff

Mike’s a really clever guy.

He runs a recruitment company and last year he contacted me about a problem he wanted help with.

He finds top-level executives for companies in the food industry and he wanted to grow his business faster.

We discussed putting together a Dream 100 campaign, which rarely fails to attract exactly the sort of customers or clients you dream of (maybe that’s why we call it the Dream 100) and Mike without hesitation decided to go with it straight away.

Before we started the campaign there was two conditions I insisted upon.

The first was that Mike’s list was qualified and bang up to date. This meant a few quick phone calls to make sure the companies still exists and the contacts are still there.

The second was to promise do the follow up stuff. If the follow up calls and emails are delayed or ignored, the campaign hasn’t a hope of succeeding.

Small print covered and off we went.

To start with I did a bit of research into the world of recruitment and with the help of Mike I discovered the main challenges faced by companies trying to find and recruit top-level executives.

It’s actually not that easy. The really good execs are hard to find and not easy to pin down.

You also need a constant process in place because it’s not everyday that top quality people are ready to switch companies. And you do need to know where to find them, something that Mike’s very good at.

Anyway, we put the campaign together which included some really cool stuff to send in the post, themes that his target audience could really relate to, letters, emails, phone scripts and a timetable of events.

The campaign ran for around six weeks and when I called Mike up to find out how things went the conversation went something like:

I spoke to one company who said they were interested. I followed up and spoke to the senior guy in the US, he confirmed he needs two executives straight away and a possible additional eight later in the year, and he wants a meeting on Monday to discuss the timings.”

When I asked Mike how much the business was worth to him, turns out when he fills the first two positions his return on investment comes to 30 times the investment (without mentioning the amount, we are talking easily four figures).

Want a quick chat to see if it would work for you?

I’m not promising it would but after a 10 minute chat about your business, I’ll have a pretty good idea.

Simply click the link and lets schedule a time that suits us both. The link is here

P.S. We’ve created the Dream 100 campaign a few times now and it never fails to amaze me how success it is  Click the link and lets have a chat.

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