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How to Promote Your Business at a Business Expo

6th March 2018

Hiring a stand at a business expo is a tried and tested way of promoting your business.

Not only are business expos full of potential prospects waiting to be lured and lulled, but those prospects are brought right to you, meaning they don’t have to be tracked and trailed.

Expos draw together a huge audience all in one venue, allowing for you to make immediate and dynamic relationships. A captive audience if you like. But like any sales opportunity, it’s important to use expos effectively in order to properly profit from the opportunities they offer.

There are many things you should consider:

Who Are Your Target Market?

Who will benefit from what you do?

Consider not only who your target audience is, but also what you want them to do. Do you want these prospects to buy a certain product? Sign up to your website? Enter a competition?

You should concentrate completely on these potential prospects and ignore those who are unlikely to be interested.

The longer you attend expos, the more you get a feel for who’s wasting your time and who isn’t. Be ruthless and dismiss those who have no intention of buying. You’ll save yourself a lot of time and money.

Focus on Relationships

Although this may sound counter-intuitive, there’s nothing more off-putting than a blatant sales pitch. If you can build a relationship, on the other hand, the sale is already halfway there. Imagine that potential prospects are potential friends and you’ll benefit from that.

One way to do this is by using branded promotional products. By offering promotional giveaways, you’re extending thoughtfulness and giving potential prospects something they’ll use, enjoy and appreciate. Again, be choosy about who you give them to. Remember who your target audience is.

Giveaways That Work Well at Expos

Other Tips

There are plenty of ways to use promotional merchandise at an expo to introduce yourself to new prospects. However, the best way to go about using them effectively can be elusive.

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