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Importance of Keeping in Touch

19th July 2018

By Mo Yusuff

The story I’m about to share will shock you.

It’s about an honest guy and a great friend of mine who’s main concern it to do what’s best for his customers. To give them more than they expect and to over deliver whenever he and his team get the opportunity.

Last 2016 when all he was doing was doing his best to help them, he got a kick in the teeth.

Before I share the story and to help it to make sense, I need to explain a bit about the background.

My, kicked in the teeth, friend Richard’s business helps companies with their promotional products, same kind of business as mine. He describes his customer as a big US backed company he’s been dealing with for 12 years and says their marketing department is quite badly run. They forget to order products so he’s constantly rushing around trying to get last minute stuff for them. He spends time finding the best products for them, sends them samples free of charge and creates artwork for them free too (Ok so nothing really special there, you may think, but believe me, it’s not that common in our industry).

He also holds printed stock for them; pens and notebooks mainly and regularly rushes to their offices to deliver within an hour or so of them calling because they forget to order a day or two earlier.

His story he posted on Facebook I remembered last 2016 (not that I spend most of my life there but I do pop on for a few minutes once or twice a day). He said:

“My conversation with a long standing customer went something like this yesterday.

Me: Would you like to re order the stationary we keep in stock for you here as it’s getting very low?

Customer: ‘um we have just got a new promotional supplier so I have asked them if they can do your stuff cheaper as they said they can save us money… I’m just waiting to hear back from them,’ …”

There are two points to all this.

  1. Anyone can quote the cheapest price and a price less that their competitors, but with cheaper prices comes cheaper quality and cheaper or shoddy service. No one can offer the best quality, the best service and the cheapest price; it’s impossible.
  2. I’m sure this happens to most companies. A new supplier comes along, says something like; “You’ll look great if you’re saving your company money.” and somehow convinces them to give them a try.

So to at least reduce the risk of this happening engage with your best customers all the time. Email them regularly, call them from time to time, send them little thank you gifts in the post, have regular prize draws, and how about a monthly newsletter too?

All these things will help to prevent your customers thinking of you as just a supplier like every other supplier and it’ll create FoMO, the Fear of Missing Out. If someone stops becoming your customer they’ll miss out on all the great things you do in addition to just supplying them products.

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