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Importance of Quality Promotional Products

13th December 2018

By Mo Yusuff

Tim’s a friend of mine.

He’s also a customer and we’re members of the same business group too.

He’s occasionally a tad accident-prone, which has resulted in some quite hilarious moments and I still laugh at the incident that happened the first time I met Tim almost two years ago now.

It was at a curry night at a swanky Indian restaurant in Covent Garden.

There was around 15 of us and we’d booked the basement room all to ourselves.

Most of us were sitting down waiting for the starters to arrive when in walked Tim. Actually it was more of a stumble than a walk. He got about halfway down the stairs when his foot must have missed a step and he kinda rolled down the rest of the way, ending up in a bit of a heap at the bottom of the stairs.

No damage done and to save Time any embarrassment, the only time it’s ever mentioned is every time we all meet.

The second unlucky event struck just a few days ago, and the odds of this happening were pretty slim.

The lead up started when Tim and I had a bit of a chat about a Dream 100 campaign he wanted to do. We chatted about this before and Tim, not one for messing about, started working on it straight away. We came up with the products for his shock and awe package and he created the campaign.

As a thank you to Tim for giving us some business we sent him out a beautifully etched black smoke glass mug (as we do for everyone that does business with us).

A few days later I received an email from Tim and an image too. He said:

“Dear Mo,

Just made a cup of tea in the mug you sent me and this is what happened.


Tim [shocked face]”

Staring at the image Tim sent me, I have to say did startle me a bit.

See when Tim poured hot water into his mug it exploded into two parts and they actually moved a few inches apart.

Although it’s made of glass it can withstand water that’s a bit above boiling point so something like this happening is quite rare.

I tested another mug by pouring in boiling water, tapping it hard with a knife and repeating the process three times. A day later, Tim was drinking tea from his brand-new one-piece mug.

The thing here is you need to make sure that the quality of products you are giving away are superb, to have the best customer experience. When problems arise, be quick enough to solve it to leave a good impression that your business is always ready to help.

Speaking of willingness to help, my team and I are very open to give friendly advice on choosing the best promotional products that works for you. We have a wide range of quality promotional products and if you want to keep in touch, simply click this link, pop your details and we’ll get back to you shortly.

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