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It’s All About the Price

2nd May 2019

“Price!” she screamed with conviction. “I always go with the cheapest, why would I pay more than I need to?”

This was the reply I received when I asked her:

What is your number one priority when choosing a promotional product supplier?”

At that very moment I smiled and was actually pleased at what she said.

I knew that she’d never be a customer of ours and I no longer needed to kid myself that maybe she would. She did me a huge favour by just saying that one word; she saved me all the time and effort of trying to build a relationship with someone who would never be a customer.

The thing I did next, I think, kinda shocked her.

I explained that we don’t focus on being the cheapest in town, as being the cheapest doesn’t usually give the best results. I said we’d not be a good fit, wished her good luck and ended the meeting.

This happened at an event we attended over the last two years called the Event Organisers Summit (it’s a kind of business speed dating event in which we have 25 minute meetings with prospective customers to find out if there’s a possibility of doing business together) and unlike the previous year’s event, we decided to qualify them early on rather than trying to flog a dead horse.

See at last 2016 event we worked hard at persuading people who’s main reason for choosing a promotional product supplier is price that building relationships and working closely with a regular supplier has far more benefits in the long run than simply flitting from one supplier to another because they’re cheap.

The result was that we spent a lot of time, effort and money in vain.

Anyway if you’re looking for great quality promotional products rather than the cheap stuff, (remember this; if your promotional items look cheap what message does that give out to your customers or clients?) click this link or call us at 020 3221 1990 and let me know what they’re for and the kind of things you’re looking for and we’ll be on it faster than shoppers on a Black Friday.

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