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Keep Doing What You’re Doing

18th April 2019

By Mo Yusuff

There’s something that never makes sense to me.

When someone tries something new, it works a treat and they never repeat it.

I remember a few years back at a network meeting (that was before I realised I really don’t like networking. I just feel uncomfortable talking to strangers and although it works great for lots of people, it’s not my idea of a good time) chatting to some guy about a marketing campaign he did.

If I remember rightly it was fairly classic textbook stuff. He sent something out in the post to his prospects, phoned them up and offered them his product.

When I asked how well it went he said from a list of 50 it generated four new accounts. He said he was disappointed it didn’t generate more business and because of that, hasn’t done it again.

I was gob smacked.

He converted eight percent from a cold list (that’s huge), generated a huge ROI and felt he failed.

I explained to him how successful he’d been and suggested that by doing the same thing every month he’d generate 48 new accounts every year.

We all do the same thing. We love to try new stuff and sometimes we lose sight completely of the things we know works.

So think back now to stuff you did in the past, maybe something you did when you first started out and look to repeat them again now.

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