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Lapsed Customer Campaigns

9th May 2018

If you have lapsed customers, in other words, people who have bought from you in the past, but for some reason does not buy from you now, then it’s good to have a strategy to tempt those customers back.

To persuade these customers to return, all it takes is an intelligent approach.

When developing your strategy, it’s essential to identify which past customers you’re keen to target. Maybe you’d like to contact those customers who were buying most often or those who were investing the most money.

Don’t waste your time on customers who used you only once or twice, or who spent little money on your business and above all avoid the price buyers!

It’s also important to think about what lapsed means to you – is it a period of 6 months, or a period of 18 months perhaps? What you sell and how often your customers would typically interact with you will determine when you consider a customer to have lapsed.

To get these customers back, you need to extend a call to action. Ask them to do something. Perhaps you’ll ask them to interact with you on social media on a prize-incentivised campaign, or perhaps you’ll ask them to pop in your shop, or use your discount voucher. Whatever you decide, make sure you are specific… and focus on getting these customers to do something. Call them to action!

To get lapsed customers back, you could also focus on using branded promotional products to charm them back.  Send them something personal. Something well thought out. The personal touch is invaluable.

A particularly witty campaign for general lapsed customer campaigns, is a boomerang in the post. This will raise a chuckle, serve as a talking point, and make a metaphorical point. Boomerangs are well known for coming back after all!

You could consider anything that can be personalized. We stock lots of giveaway products which can be effective when running a lapsed customer campaign.

If your past customers might appreciate a classy snack, you can send them this luxury chocolate bar.

Or, for office-based customers you’d like to “stay connected with”, you can send them this versatile charging adapter.

For more information, take a look at our book. Get a free copy and learn how promotional products can help with lapsed customers and much more:

We’re London’s best provider of branded promotional products. For help and advice, get in touch… we’ll help you get your old customers back in no time!

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