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Leave it to the Promotional Products Experts

8th October 2015

By Mo Yusuff

They’re out there to make a mess of your promotional products and I’m talking about desperate suppliers who are doing all sorts of stuff that on the surface seems good and helpful but their actions might be damaging your company’s unique personality.

I once went to a trade association meeting for the promotional products industry where it was mentioned that some of the larger promotional product suppliers have adopted a new way to get business.

The sales teams have been told to quote quickly and cheaply, then move on to the next customer and then the next and so on.

No help and advice, no choosing products that best suits the individual needs of the customer and no follow-up to make sure the customer has been given a good service and asking for invaluable feedback to improve service and relationships.

Now why are they doing this and why is it harming your company’s image?

It’s quite simple. They’re not getting the business they need to survive and the reason is, they’re not doing the things they should be to get it. So in desperation they’re frantically trying to get business fast and at any cost.

Without asking key questions how can anyone give you exactly what you’re looking for. The cheapest options are not always the best and all it takes is a little bit of thought and consideration to give better products and more memorable products that will help your customers to remember you rather than your competitors.

What would you rather have, a well thought out, balanced range of promotional products reflecting your company’s character or a mish mash of uncoordinated items that leaves a confusing message and are easily forgotten?

I’m sure you’d choose the first option.

So, only get in touch with the experts – let us help you find the perfect promotional products for you.

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