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Make Customers Happy with Promotional Products

18th February 2016

By Mo Yusuff

Aside from earning money, us in the promotional products industry also aim to make our clients happy. It’s no different in other existing industries like the transportation industry.

Last June 2014, black cab drivers in London staged a protest.

They blocked roads in central London for most of the afternoon.

Black Cabbies

They were not happy because of competition from an American taxi app called Uber.

The smart phone app allows you to hail a cab with the press of a button. It tells you the name of the driver, how long he’ll be and even an estimate of how much the fare will be.

So pretty much everything a black cab doesn’t do.

Looks like the days of struggling to find a cab in central London late at night were over. And those “Sorry mate I don’t go sarf of the river” and “It’s not on my way home mate” and even, “Be honest with you mate, it’s not worth my while going there”.

I’m not saying all black cab drivers are the same and doing the knowledge is commendable, but being the only taxis that can pick up passengers in the street, does give them every reason not to care about delivering a great service.

Funny thing is; all the publicity their little protest generated, boosted new users of Uber in London by 850%.

I was so impressed with the Uber story, I downloaded the app. And like most of us, when you see or experience something amazing you want to share it, which I did with Mandy just before we started a meeting. I then received a phone call; Hi I’m your Uber driver, I’m having a problem finding you…”

Anyway, my point to all this is; rather than moaning and complaining about your competitors doing stuff that could harm you or your company, because you’re unlikely to succeed and it’s just a waste of energy, do more to make your customers happy.

It’s actually not that difficult and keeping customers happy – you can do it by giving them amazing promotional products they can use and enjoy!

Now, delivering an amazing service is something my team and I thrive on. So if you’d rather not be stranded in some strange place with no easy way of getting to where you want to be and would rather let someone take care of you and your promotional products (cheesy I know but hey), simply give us a brief description of the promotional products you’re looking for and my team and I will be onto it straight away.

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