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Make Customers Your Priority

25th April 2019

By Mo Yusuff

“He said he was too busy to quote me.”

Strange thing to say but absolutely true.

That’s the answer Russell gave me few years ago when I asked why a supplier we used to give business to was blacklisted.

Apparently, a couple of months or so back we needed details and prices on sports towels. Russell called up a supplier and I don’t know why but he was in a bit of a two and eight. Said he was really busy, had loads of quotes to do and simply didn’t have time.

Other than being totally gobsmacked I really didn’t get it.

Sure, we all get busy sometimes, and it can be a bit overwhelming, especially when you don’t feel you’re getting anywhere and the more you do, the more behind with everything it seems you get.

It seems to me this guy was either way out of his depth, he hates his job more than anything else or he simply was having an awful day. But whatever the reason, there are lots of ways to tackle a situation like this and come up smelling of roses.

Anyway, he blew it and I suspect he’s also pushed a few other customers and potential customers into the arms of his happy to help competitors.

Here’s the thing.

Whatever you do in life be it at work or in your personal life certain things should take priority. If you’re customer facing then your priority has to be to keep those customers happy, so they come back again (all this guy had to say to keep us happy was something like; “I’m a bit pushed this minute, when’s the latest you need the information and I’ll do my best to help?)

Now there’s one thing you can be absolutely sure of.

And that is that we’ll always do our very best to give you what you want when you want it even if we are under the kosh and struggling.

If you are thinking to invest in promotional products to have a great ROI, or wanted to look for something to send your valuable customers, don’t hesitate to keep in touch, pop your details here or you can simply give us a quick call at 020 3221 1990 and we’ll drop everything to help you with our best effort.

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