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Make It Easy for the Customers

7th March 2019

By Mo Yusuff

It’s puzzling why suppliers do this and it drives me absolutely nuts.

A couple of years ago I was looking for a product for a yacht club. We’re putting together a range of products for them and one idea came to mind that I thought would be very useful for yachting type people.

Waterproof notepads with waterproof paper.

Our regular notebook and paper product suppliers couldn’t help; apparently waterproof paper isn’t paper at all. At least it’s not made from wood pulp or natural fibres but rather polypropylene resin or something similar.

Anyway I must be honest; I did struggle for a bit and then I came across a company that specialises in waterproof products. When I explained what I was looking for and asked if they could help, the girl on the phone said something about the person I need to speak to was not in the office and:

“You need to send her an email explaining exactly what you’re looking for and if you ask her to call you, I’m sure she will.”

And that’s exactly what drives me nuts.

Usually when I get asked this I explain that I’d rather not send an email and if they’re not able to respond to my phone call, I’ll leave it.

Think about it.

I’m interested in buying their products, the stuff that they need to sell to make money and survive as a company and they’re far too busy to take down my number and get someone to call me.

Chances are some, if not most, people won’t bother to send that email. And even if they did, the next company they call may do things differently; like take down their details, promise them information and prices within an hour, offer to send out samples and ask what the product is being used for to make sure it’ll do what they want it to do (and maybe a bit of upselling too).

Anyway, I didn’t send that email and a few minutes later I found a supplier who could help, received prices and details over the phone and images by email a few minutes later.

And my point?

Make life for your customers as easy as possible; the more you do for them, the more they’ll appreciate you.

That’s why we go out of our way to help our customers find the perfect promotional products for them.

Looking for something new, different and useful to including in your range of promotional products? Simply click here and pop your details, let me know the sort of things you’d like my expert help with and I’ll show you stuff you didn’t even know existed.

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