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Meet the Team

Mandy Jubb

Finance Director

Mandy Jubb

When? Mandy was there right at the begining and has changed her hair style or colour over 240 times since then.

What they do? She looks after the money and keeps everything running smoothly.

Their Likes and Dislikes: Mandy likes animals, travel, swimming, dancing and DIY (but not the cost of fixing everything afterwards) and could live without runny eggs and early mornings.

Most Embarrassing Moment: Mandy visited a supplier in Leicester with Mo and after the meeting they said their farewells. The supplier said something like, “nice meeting you Mandy, speak soon”. Now it was still very early in the morning, not the best time for Mandy and her reply; “Hello, how are you?” She then legged it quickly to get away from the bemused supplier.

Mo Yusuff

Managing Director

Mo Yusuff

When? Mo started the business in 1987 when he still had hair and the looks of an Italian fashion model

What they do? He has a passion for doing things differently and believes in looking at what your competitors do just so you can do the opposite.

Their Likes and Dislikes: He loves going to the pictures to watch action films. He dislikes lazy people and dried fruit.

Most Embarrassing Moment: He was on holiday with a friend and after a night on the town, woke up and mistakenly thought the wardrobe was a toilet. Luckily his friend stopped him just in time.

Russell McKenzie

Sales Director

Merchandise Expert & Advisor

Russell McKenzie

When? Russell became part of the team in 2004 when he was young, fresh and wore white shoes.

What they do? He helps clients to choose the best promotional items for their company. He also helps and trains his team too.

Their Likes and Dislikes: He likes tattoos,Italian cars and fast food (or maybe that should be Italian food and fast cars). He really doesn't like rude people and screaming kids.

Most Embarrassing Moment: When Russell was at primary school, his class was asked to draw pictures of themselves to create a display around the entrance of his classroom for all to see.

At the end of class he almost finished, just his hair to draw, so he planned to finish his masterpiece the following morning.

The next morning, Russell arrived at class only to be greeted by a crowd of classmates laughing at his picture, prominently displayed with all the others and to the shouts of “Baldy McKenzie”; a nickname that stuck to this very day.

John Payne

Account Executive

Helps car firms increase their turnover substantially

John Payne

When? John joined Club Row in 2013, having worked in the industry for over 26 years.

What they do? He's the expert on the motor industry and helps with incentive schemes.

Their Likes and Dislikes: John loves sport, going skiing and playing bridge and he really doesn't like untruthful people and the rubbish on the telly these days.

Most Embarrassing Moment: He tends to sleep walk and one time while asleep he walked out of his house and locked himself out. When he then tried to climb in through a window, he got stuck and naked all this naked and on a busy street. Apparently, according to John, everyone in Cardiff does it.

Dianne Claveria

Admin Assistant

Dianne Claveria

When? Joined Club Row Creations on May 2015 and is based in Manila, Philippines.

What they do? Dianne works with Mo, helping to add new products onto the website, helping with marketing campaigns and writing copy.

Their Likes and Dislikes: She loves watching movies with friends, reading books, writing stories, beaches, sweet and salty food, Criminal Minds and Harry Potter.

Most Embarrassing Moment: Dianne’s most embarrassing moment was at school when she was asked to do a speech in English. It was about the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and she was so nervous she couldn’t say the words in the correct order. Finally after a few failed attempts her teacher told her to sit down.

Bernadette Litonjua

Design & Graphic Co-ordinator

Bernadette Litonjua

When? Another team member based in Manila, Philippines, Dette joined Club Row Creations on August 2016.

What they do? Dette’s role is to help on the creative side creating designs that will make clients happy, adding logos to products and also working with the team on personalised product catalogues and personalised new idea ranges. She’ll also be creating new websites.

Their Likes and Dislikes: Dette loves listening to music while she’s working and enjoys most types of music. She also loves chilling on the beach and eating pizza.

Most Embarrassing Moment: Dette’s most embarassing moment was when she was outside the office one lunchtime buying lunch with colleagues and she slipped and fell on a newly painted island in the middle of the road. Her backside and legs were covered in this non drying, sticky paint and she had to finish her shift covered in paint and stuck to her chair.