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Mr Bio

Mr Bio branded biodegradable charging cable

30th December 2019

By Mo Yusuff

In this post, we bring you the Mr Bio Charging Cable. A brand new concept, the first biodegradable multi charging cable.

Most promotional multi charging cables are not made to last. The cables consist of a wire that is encased with PVC and the charging head has no or little reinforcement. The end result is a cable that suddenly, and usually when you need it the most, stops working. The cable over a short time becomes torn and also the charging head can easily come away because of the lack of reinforcement.

A robust biodegradable USB Charging Cab

Mr Bio custom branded biodegradable charging cable

The good news is, there is a far superior alternative that’s not only hard wearing and built to last, it’s also a masterclass in all things Eco.

Welcome to Mr Bio, the only biodegradable multi charging cable around today.

Mr Bio is made from plastic with BioSphere additives which, when it comes into contact with high solid environments (under the soil and landfills), it biodegrades, and returns to nature within 3-5 years.

It’s cables are made from DuPont Tyvek, a woven paper that is water resistant and a tough and durable alternative to PVC.

Mr Bio is fitted with 5 different connectors to synchronise all your technology devices.
It boasts USB, Lightning, Type C, Micro USB and Type C and USB port 2 in 1 input.

And it’s eco credentials are unquestionable.

It combines tremendous performance in a design that makes effective use of materials which are easily biodegradable or recyclable.

And that’s not all. Mr Bio is even supplied in an all new eco card packaging (FSC® certified) which can be printed with your own design and message.

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