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Not Just Ordinary Promotional Products

20th April 2017

By Mo Yusuff

“Wills, we have a marketing campaign coming up this summer and I need some t-shirts and mints.”

A fairly simple request and something you’d have thought could be dealt with in no more than an hour or so.

Well you’d be wrong and I’ll explain why.

Sure, t-shirts and mints are promotional products we supply day in, day out. In most cases, we can decorate and deliver in around two to three weeks…but not this time.

Gemma, our customer, wasn’t in a hurry. She needed them in around four months’ time, which means there’s a lot more options available.

“T-shirts and mints can be a bit boring, so let me have a think and I’ll come up with something a bit different for you in a day or two,” said Wills.

Sure enough, Wills was true to his word and, rather than just a basic printed t shirt and a rectangular mint card, Wills came up with a couple of very different alternatives…

Now, before I continue, I should mention that our customer’s logo is in the shape of a triangle. So why not triangular shaped t shirts and mint cards?

That’s exactly what we did.


If you’re wondering how we created a triangular shaped t-shirt, it’s simple. The t-shirts were compressed to the shape of a triangle and a card insert placed on top and then shrunk wrapped. Now, the magic happens when you soak the triangle in water. The soluble shrink wrapping dissolves and it magically expands into a full-size t shirt.

So, are you fed up with mediocre and fancy standing out from the crowd?

Would you like me and my team to come up with some new, out of the ordinary, promotional products that’ll get you noticed, wow your customers, and encourage them to use your products and services?

All you need to do is get in touch and we’ll look for those promotional products right away.

Don’t forget, the longer you can wait for your promotional products, the more options there are available to you. So if you have something coming up later in the year, why wait? Let’s get things moving now and you’ll be amazed at what we’ll come up with!

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