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Persistence Is A Step Forward to Making the Sale

11th April 2019

By Mo Yusuff

Ever put a lot of continuous effort into something and then wonder if it’s really worth all the time and trouble?

I’ve been sending regular emails now for sometime.

It started about five or six years ago and I made a real effort to send one every month.

I’d spend hours and hours trying to get them just right and always worried if people would like them enough to read them.

Occasionally I got replies. Some people loved them because occasionally the email would touch a nerve. Others hated them and made a point of telling me so.

The lesson I learnt was that you can never appeal to everyone and trying to be everything to everyone is always doomed to failure. You end up being nothing to nobody; a kinda wishy washy watered down you.

Also people start to distrust you because you’re saying things you want them to hear (and in most cases you’ll be wrong); You also end up saying things that contradict stuff you said previously.

Anyway, I then stepped things up and began sending out an email every week, then two a week until finally I was banging out an email every working day.

My thinking is this.

If someone needs the products and services I offer, I need to be there in front of them the day they need them and there’s no better way to do this than send an email everyday.

Now back to my original question; Ever put a lot of continuous effort into something and then wonder if it’s really worth all the time and trouble?

Over the last few weeks I’ve been wondering if my emails are actually worth doing. I hadn’t had much of a response to them and so decided I’d skip the odd day here and there (they can be difficult to write sometimes especially when you’ve had one of those crap days and are really not in the mood).

Then out of the blue, I’ve started getting responses again.

Martin said:

Nice story I’m going to show it to Clarè.

Then a couple of days later:

Morning Mo

Is this why you always appear to be on holiday…you have a client with private jets



And the best one of all from Ben:

Hey Mo,

Hope things are well and business is booming.

Always enjoy reading your emails but this one really does hit the nail on the head, I’m always amazed at how people think that price is the sole arbiter in someone’s business buying decision when they personally would pay 2/3 times as much for branded clothes/cars/sundry other crap.

Speaking about something completely different, at the end of the year we are coming up to our 5th anniversary of the 1st nursery opening and will have a couple of team members celebrating 5 years with us. We’re discussing how we could reward them but one element of it would be a gift but I am at a loss as what to give. Do you or any one of your guys have any suggestions?



So I suppose the lesson here is don’t give up on things too easily. There’s no such thing as a quick fix; that one single thing that’ll get you huge amounts of business in days or ever weeks doesn’t exist. It’s more a question of doing lots of different things to attract business, and the more stuff you do the, the closer you bring someone to making the sale.

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