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20th December 2018

By Mo Yusuff

Mandy, a supplier of ours, is a real smart cookie.

She supplies sweets, chocolate, biscuits and all sorts of other food.

She came to see us and we managed to iron out a couple of issues we had. One was something she put in place to help save people time and effort only for it to backfire in a big way.

See Mandy’s USP is she never charges for samples. In our industry most of our suppliers do charge (they actually send out invoices for a couple of quid, knowing that the cost to process the order is probably double). But not Mandy, she’ll even encourage us to have samples printed with our clients logo or message and not charge a single penny.

Anyway Mandy decided that she’d add an option to her website that allows you to order samples at the click of a button (as long as you have an account and login details, and can remember what they are).

Trouble is, a couple of her staff decided that’s the only way you can order; so when I phoned to ask for a sample of a product I wanted to promote and I was told I needed to go online to order it and my pleas of “I can’t remember my login details can I just tell you over the phone?” fell on deaf ears.

End result? I went with a different product from another supplier.

Mandy had another problem with her order samples online scheme, this is how she described it:

“One company ordered a large tin of biscuits a few months ago, and then another the month after and another the month after that. I don’t mind sending out samples for free but just to keep someone stocked up with biscuits isn’t fair.”

So Mandy’s reviewed her online ordering policy. You can still order online but she now has a system in place to keep an eye out for cheating freeloaders. And she’s also informed her staff that ordering by phone is now encouraged.

Mandy’s USP isn’t unique to her. We also have the same approach and we’re a strong believer that you should see before you buy.

So if there’s anything that you’re looking for right now (or even for an event in a couple of months time), let’s get the ball rolling right now.

Simply click this link, pop your details, and we’ll work on it straight away. We’ll even send you samples so you can see, touch and try before you buy promotional products.

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