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Pick Promotional Products Your Competitors Don’t

15th September 2016

By Mo Yusuff

I love my local cinema.

It’s been there for donkey’s years, but it hasn’t always been as rosy as it is now, and for a very good reason.

Built in 1885 under the name Paragon Theatre of Varieties, the theatre welcomed many stars on its stage including Charlie Chaplin and Laurel & Hardy.

The building was converted to a cinema in 1912. In 1963, there was the royal premiere of the film Sparrows Can’t Sing starring Barbara Windsor. Princess Margaret was invited to the premiere, but because the Kray twins were attending (The Kray twins were notorious East End gangsters), she was forced to decline the invitation.

Now, what nobody knew at the time was that the Kray’s had a pub across the street called the Kit Kat Club and after the premiere everybody went there only to find that Princess Margaret, who was a friend of the twins, had been there all the time, getting drunk.

At one time, there were 33 cinemas in Tower Hamlets and gradually they got turned into bingo halls or knocked down and the area converted into housing. In 1989, this was the last cinema to close down.

After having been derelict for a decade, a film buff decided to buy the cinema and revive it.

Despite fierce competition from the big chains with their 19 screen Cinemas at shopping centres, Genesis Cinema is thriving and here’s the reason why:

They haven’t tried to compete with their competitors. Instead, they’re doing stuff that the big boys simply aren’t doing.

They completely ripped out the foyer and changed it to a kinda meeting place with leather sofas and a coffee shop.



They changed Screen 5 to Studio 5. This luxurious screen has sofas instead of regular seats, pouf foot rests, cushions and small tables, so you can rest your glass of wine served at the small bar inside the studio. I just love this place!



To top all that, they have regular weekly events in the bar!

And my point to all this?

Every business can thrive, grow and prosper as long as they’re different.

Be the same as your competitors and you’ll receive the same average results as they do; be different and you probably don’t even have competitors anymore.

It’s the same thing with choosing promotional products. It will be hard to expect for people to remember you if you’re using the usual promotional products in your marketing campaigns. So, always make sure you get the ones that will put your name in the minds of your potential customers.

So, if you need those extraordinary promotional products that will help you get your company out there, just let us know. We have an amazing range of promotional products on our website. But if you think what you’re looking for is not there, then get in touch with us and we’ll look for those promotional products for you!

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