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Prioritize difficult things

27th December 2018

By Mo Yusuff

“What, you haven’t started yet? You really need to get this done quick or you won’t be ready.”

That was the advice I was given by a friend during a meeting with my Elite mastermind group in Ireland a year ago.

His comment came when I explained I’ll be giving a 30-minute talk to 100 people at an event I attended last 28th March 2017.

Do you ever have those situations when you miscalculate the time it takes to get something done?

“A few hours, that’s all I’ll need and then I can spend two or three days practicing.” I honestly believed.

I started working on my PowerPoint slides and talk that week.

After re-writing and changing the last part of my talk, I’ve just about finished it.

Trouble is, I haven’t left myself much time to practice and being absolutely petrified of talking in public (I have this fear of my mind going blank as 100 people stare at me in bewilderment, which I have seen happen on more than one occasion).

Anyway it is what it is and the lesson learnt, once again, is don’t put the difficult things off until the last minute.

Interestingly, we had a stand at the show and the promotional products we’ve decided to use as bait to get people to agree to a scheduled call, and we sorted it.

Just as well because from my experience when someone needs promotional products for an event, it’s usually the last thing they think about and they end up with whatever they can get in the time left.

So if you have an event coming up in the next couple of months, don’t wait, get in touch and let me and my team help put some cool, crazy stuff together for you. Simply hit click this link and pop your details, give us the low down and we’ll do the rest.


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