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If you’re really into quality products and looking for something a little bit out of the ordinary, the Soft and
Easy Pen is the must have pen for you.

Its triangular soft rubberized barrel and chrome finish button combined with its tungsten carbide writing ball
will ensure your company name is associated with superior quality and great innovation.

Here are 3 great reasons to consider investing in the
Soft and Easy Pen.

Here are 3 more reasons to consider investing in the Soft and Easy Pen:

  • Cost-effective - Not only will it last three times longer than cheaper promotional pens, keeping your name in front of your audience much longer, its tungsten carbide writing ball makes writing a smooth and Easy experience
  • It’s different – Unlike most inexpensive pens the Soft and Easy is triangular in shape, oozes quality and differentiates you from most run-of-the-mill companies
  • It’s Soft and Easy – Soft because it has a smooth, velvety feel and Easy because its jumbo refill with tungsten carbide writing ball makes writing flow as easy as a downstream river

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