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6th July 2017

By Mo Yusuff

You know those situations when something is so wrong you just can’t ignore it.

There was a time when I spent literally weeks and weeks suffering until eventually I just couldn’t take it anymore and just had to make my point known.

Having a real passion for most types of nuts (they’re my favourite snack food), I’ve fallen madly in love with a mixture of walnuts and salted peanuts.

Obviously, I need to buy them in separate packs and mix them together which you would think is an easy thing to do.

Err not necessarily so.

Sometimes, I’d buy the nuts from my local Tesco Express and for some really strange reason they don’t sell salted peanuts.

At first, I thought they had just sold out. There were plenty of alternatives, dry roasted, honey roasted, chili roasted but the closest I could find were salt and vinegar flavoured peanuts. If you’ve never tried them, don’t. They’re disgusting (I picked them up by mistake one day because the packing is almost identical) and I’m fairly sure in saying I’m not alone in thinking that, because there’s always dozens and dozens of packets of them and the pile never seems to go down.

Anyway, every time I went there to buy my nuts, I grab the walnuts and then start hunting for salted peanuts minus the vinegar and every time, it’s the same. So, I got wondering, maybe they don’t realise they’ve run out and so they never order them.

So, I asked one of the staff, “Do you sell salted peanuts?”

“Of course, we do sir.”

“Where are they?” I replied.

He concluded that they must have sold out and suggested I try again tomorrow.

Now, I suppose any normal person would have left it at that but I’m probably a bit less than normal. So, I came to the logical assumption that salted peanuts were a much better seller than vinegar peanuts and I’d be doing the store a huge favour by pointing out an easy way for them to double their takings.

I pointed out that the place where the salted peanuts should be have been taken over by an alternative that just tastes wrong and that I’ve never ever seen salted peanuts in their store, ever.

So, he beckoned a colleague who also suggested I try again tomorrow.

Now I was getting frustrated, so I asked to see the manager.

Anyway, long story short, the manager promised he would look into it and make sure salted peanuts would be on the shelves in the next few days.

It took a few days before I found out if he kept his word.

One thing you can be sure of though is this:

We always keep our promises when it comes to service and products. So, you can definitely trust us with your promotional products needs.

Just head over to our website and go over our range of cool promotional products! If you didn’t find what you’re looking for, you can get in touch with us and let us know what promotional products you’re looking for.

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