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Promotional Confectionery and Why They’re Perfect

21st September 2017

By Mo Yusuff

Do you know why Cadbury’s are not allowed to call their chocolate bars chocolate?

Basically it’s because. Technically, they are not chocolate.

EU rules say that chocolate needs to contain at least 30% cocoa and while most UK chocolate bars have between 23% and 29% cocoa. The big C brand has around 20%.

So they call their “chocolate” Cadbury’s Dairy Milk or Galaxy Smooth Milk.

So why does it matter how much cocoa there is in a bar of chocolate? I hear you shout in-between mouthfuls of your favourite milk bar. I saw this when I was researching online and couldn’t resist showing it to you…Girls, don’t be offended, no offence meant.

OK so here’s why more cocoa rather than less cocoa is a good thing; and then I’ll tell you why you really are in for a treat.

The more cocoa in chocolate the richer the taste, the less “chalky” it is; and when you break it, it has a strong “snap”.

The reason I’m telling you all this is because one of the fastest growing promotional product categories at the moment is sweets, chocolates, and drink. If you’re wondering how much is the average amount of businesses spent on Promotional Confectionery, it’s £30 million.

I saw an article that said something about:

“Promotional confectionery is a perfect promotional product, which can be innovatively customized depicting the company name and logo in a very attractive manner.”

It then when onto say:

“Promotional confectionery artistically packed with attractive wrappers with the name of the company make them simply an unforgotten item.”

Personally, I don’t think they’re the key reasons why companies invest so much on promotional confectionery at all.

Sure, they can be decorated with your company’s logo and message, and they’ll get your name seen. Most promotional confectionery packaging can be printed all over, so get your design right and people will notice.

In my opinion, the main reasons why promotional confectionery work so well is because people love treats they can eat. Give someone something that they hunger after and they’ll be your friend for life.

So, if I have convinced you enough that sweets and chocolates are your perfect go-to promotional products, you can check out our range of promotional confectionery and choose the ones you think will be perfect for your campaign!

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